Basil Bangs

The Botanica design was created exclusively for Basil Bangs RAIN umbrella collection, featuring lush foliage in tropical blue and green hues. Botanica is available across the whole Basil Bangs range including beach umbrellas, picnic rugs, tablecloth, placemats and cushions.

View the Basil Bangs Botanica range.



The Tropical design is featured in two colourways on Torremato's new lighting collection Metissage, designed by Francesco Favaretto. 
Inspired by multiple trips around the world, Metissage blends simple and classic shapes into the futuristic idea of digital printing technology.

View the Torremato Metissage lighting collection.



Haymes Paint invited Louise to create a custom wallpaper design for the 2016 Colour Library VOL2 | Collaborate. The botanical motifs are hand painted with the Haymes Paint rich and bold colour palette, featuring native flowers and plants to represent Haymes as an Australian company.

View the Haymes 2016 Colour Library | Collaborate.